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Welcome to Phil Stamp Cartoon First Day Covers

BulletUnique illustrations. Our distinctive covers will add a touch of humour to your collection.
BulletLimited editions. Limited editions usually restricted to no more than 70 covers.
BulletIndividually handcrafted. Each cover is handmade to a high standard.
BulletHighly collectible. Make Phil Stamp Covers your preferred collecting theme.
Featured Cover
'Till we meet gain
No.170 - Christmas 2010 with Wallace and Gromit ('Till we meet again)

The End Is Nigh

This is our last Phil Stamp cover. I hope Phil Stamp has given pleasure to many collectors since his conception at the 2000 stamp exhibition. Jack, Richard, Hunt and I have enjoyed creating and putting the covers together, and I hope they will be treasured for many years to come.

So, 'till we meet again, it's goodbye from me and goodbye from him.

~ Steve Oliver